Data Description

CoRR includes 33 datasets, of which 32 are currently available for download, consisting of:

  • 1629 Subjects
  • 3357 Anatomical Scans
  • 5093 Resting Functional Scans
  • 1302 Diffusion Scans
  • 300 CBF and ASL Scans

Please see the following link for an aggregated phenotypic data file. Note: this contains only the core attributes requested as per the CoRR Data Legend, more attributes may be available in the site specific files found either on the site page or in the downloads section.

For more detailed information about a particular dataset, please see the pages listed below.


Coming Soon

  • CHH 1 - Chegdu Huaxi Hospital (Gong)
  • FU 1 - Fudan University (Wu)
  • FU 2 - Fudan University (Shao)
  • HNU 2 - Hangzhou Normal University (Zang)
  • NJIT 1 - New Jersey Institute of Technology (Biswal)

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